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We visited Meteora one of the first weekends after the covid-19 quarantine ended. It was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful weekends of recent years because we had the opportunity to travel together.

Visiting Meteora was on our list for a long time. There are many reasons to visit Meteora. The only sure thing is that the beauty of Meteora impresses every visitor and wins you over from the first minute you see them.

It is a 3 hour-drive Thessaloniki to Kalampaka, and from there it took us another 5 minutes to reach the village of Kastraki where Meteora is located.

Built at the foot hills of Meteora cliffs and in a place of historical importance is our hotel Doupiani House.

It took its name from the homonymous rock of Doupiani, where the church of Panagia Doupiani is located. This small church was built at the end of the 11th century or at the beginning of the 12th century by the ascetics and hermits of Meteora.

The small church of Doupiani was one of the first organized centers of the ascetics of Meteora during the 12th century and laid the foundation for the later development and organization of the monastic state of Meteora. The ascetics and monks gathered every Sunday in the church of Panagia Doupiani to perform the divine service. For this reason it is also known as “Kyriako” but also as “Protato”

Why did we choose Doupiani House for our stay?

First of all, because nothing compares to the view you have from Doupiani House. A traditional accommodation with architecture perfectly harmonized in the area, something not so common for the Greek standards. Wood dominates in all its spaces, thus giving it a sense of warmth and relaxation. Also ideal for an excursion all year around.

The staff is friendly, polite makes you feel comfortable and welcome from the first moment. Available to help you with anything you need. They know everything about the area and the local history of Meteora as well.

The rooms are very clean, comfortable most have a dreamy balcony overlooking the rocks. Traditional and elegant architecture dominates in all the spaces of the hotel.

You can have your breakfast in the lovely courtyard with the panoramic view of Meteora. Plus, in the same place you can enjoy lunch and dinner and try one of the local wines available in the area.

The breakfast is traditional and homemade, with a wide variety of local products. Village eggs, homemade jams, honey, local yogurt, handmade pastries and fresh fruit from the hotel garden.

Breakfast is served in the courtyard of the hotel with the most beautiful view of Kalambaka.
Breakfast is served in the courtyard of Doupiani House with the most beautiful view of Kalambaka.

You can see more details of Doupiani House as well as make your reservation at the following link:

Doupiani House Meteora.

The only sure thing is that your weekend will be one to remember.

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