About Us

by Elena


Meet the El Stories: El-ena and El-iza.

2 Greek sisters created this Travel and Lifestyle blog to share with you their travel adventures showcased through beautiful places, food and people.


Heyyy, I am Elena the older sister.  I moved in Cyprus in 2018, after living in Amsterdam for a few years. We were traveling a lot around the globe and some how in 2017 the idea of a Travel and Lifestyle blog came alive. I love blogging because it is so creative and I also love working with my sis. Traveling and discovering new places and new cultures always fascinated me and now  I get love to share it with our new big social family.


Eliza has lived in 4 different countries. After her stay in Berlin, she fell in love with Amsterdam where she spent majority of her adult life. Recently she moved to Cyprus and currently is living between Limassol. Travel bug bit her hard when she was still in high school and since then, she has been to 33 different countries around the globe (and more to come!). Her goal is to explore every single corner of the world and capture it in photos.

We do believe in chasing your dreams through every day adventures. It is our hope and mission to inspire you through The El Stories to achieve them, whatever they may be and to experience life better! Obviously, we are no experts, we are just learning every day and taking everything in as The El Stories evolves.


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