Aristi mountain Resort at Zagorochoria

by Eliza


Zagorochoria is one of the top destinations in Greece all year round. Especially in autumn, when nature changes its color palette, the place becomes even more magical.  I had the opportunity to escape for 3 days in Zagorochoria during October and couldn’t be happier about it. I spent my time in of the most beautiful villages of the region but the highlight of my trip was the accommodation at Aristi mountain resort at Zagorochoria.

The location

Aristi mountain resort is located at Aristi village. In the west part of Zagorochoria region and 48 klm away from the city of Ioannina. From there you can easily access the famous Voidomatis river and try a bunch of different activities by the crystal-clear water. Aristi village is itself one of the most picturesque and largest settlement in Epirus region. The beautiful stone houses, cute cobblestone streets, traditional cafes will take you to another eras, as if time has stopped. Exactly there, on the highest point of the village, offering magical views and surrounded by the magnificent wilderness of the Northern Pindos National Park, the Aristi mountain resort is located.

Nature around the Aristi mountain resort

The view

As you can imagine, in a spot like that the panoramic views are literally unique. Personally, the views a hotel has to offer are of great importance when it comes to choosing accommodation for a destination. Definitely at my top 3 list.

And this is certainly why I loved Aristi mountain resort. Because you can enjoy the amazing views not only from the comfort of your own room but also from the restaurant during breakfast or dinner, from the lobby and basically from all areas of the hotel.

Vikos Gorge, the towers of Papigo village and the imposing mountain are only the highlights of the scenery you get. And that’s a guarantee even when the weather is not ideal. I was lucky enough to witness an amazing rainbow over the mountain after heavy rain. And trust me not even photos could capture the real beauty.

The room

Three things come to my mind when I think of my room at Aristi mountain resort: discreet luxury, pleasing aesthetics and coziness. These 3 attributes combined with the room view and sounds of the nature make you not want to go and give you the perfect feeling of relaxation.

What’s also of great importance, especially for the period we are going through due to the pandemic, is the emphasis on hygiene and cleaning of the room. I was pleased to find a list on the desk when I entered the room explaining in every detail how the room, its linen and all its surfaces were cleaned. It was a great reassurance to know that safety of the guests comes first no matter what.

Gastronomic experience

At the premises of Aristi mountain resort you will find Salvea restaurant. Besides a great variety of breakfast, you can enjoy delicious upscale local cuisine during lunch and dinner. I had dinner there and it was honestly one of the best food experiences I had recently in Greece. Everything I tried you could tell it was made with care and love with an emphasis on local bio ingredients. Some of the highlights were the traditional handmade pie (pita), trout from the river and the bio veggies. You can visit the restaurant even if you don’t reside in the resort. An absolute must do for unforgettable gastronomic experience at Zagorochoria.

Details make perfection

They say details make perfection and details make the difference. And this is for sure the case for Aristi mountain resort. The excellent hospitality and the super friendly staff completed perfectly the whole experience and made my stay stress free. It’s the ideal place for a relaxing getaway.

On top of that, I was thrilled to discover how environmentally conscious this hotel is and its commitment to nature. Awarded as World’s Leading Eco Lodge for being built in harmony with its natural surroundings while maintaining the architectural aesthetic of the area.

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