by Eliza


Now it’s time for Amsterdam,  this beautiful, multinational and world known town of the Netherlands where everything seems to be ideal, except from the weather of course! The canals running through the city, the vintage bicycles that are definitely the trademark, the picturesque houses, the photogenic alleys and the people. People from all over the world who came together to create a spirit of freedom and joy.

And for the Amsterdamers brunching has become a ritual . And how could it not be? Brunch places exist in every single corner of the city. It is the perfect solution if you want to spend some time with your friends, eat with your colleagues during lunch break or enjoy time with your family in the weekend. And if you are a tourist there, then you have to go there to experience the everyday habits of the locals!

The places you can  enjoy your brunch are numerous and very diverse. So after I visited Amsterdam several times and since Eliza and Elena are locals there, I think it’s fair for me to say that I found the best of the best!


  • If you’ve seen it somewhere and you can’t remember where, then it would be Instagram. It’s located at the dining area of Pulitzer hotel and it’s ideal both for brunch and lunch! It’s characterized by the variety and the quality of food. You can choose between pancakes, croissants, burgers, pasta and many more, and I can assure you that you’ll leave extremely pleased. Let alone the combination of them with the aesthetic appeal of the place! As for the queue (that you’ll definitely bump into)? It is absolutely worth it!

    Located in Rozengracht, it’s an easily accessible and simultaneously beautiful place for brunch. The marble tables, the calming colors and the minimalistic decoration will make you notice it from a long distance. And it will definitely not disappoint you! Incredible coffee and even more incredible food with a variety of choices. And if you have difficulty choosing like I do , you can have the breakfast menu in order to have a taste of everything!



One of the most known brunch places, in one of the most beautiful locations of Amsterdam, Westerpark. A place which fits perfectly at the natural environment of the park, as the stone tables at the large outdoors space and the tall trees that surround it are the only thing it needs to become one with the rest of the place. You also have to decide between many choices in the menu, but what you’ll descry is the sandwich of the day and the high tea; a variety of sweet cupcakes and scones that are brought to you with a cup of hot tea.



It’s located in Jordaan and specifically at Haarlemmerplein. It’s a contemporary and very welcoming brunch place, located in the perfect place if you want to have a small break in between your day. Sandwiches, sweet or salty pancakes, fruit salads, croissants and pies are some of your choices for a perfect brunch. And even if you just want to have a cup of coffee, then this place is ideal!



At Lindengracht of Jordaan, this place is a “hidden gem”. Its small size and warm décor make it the perfect place for the cold days of winter. Despite the tasteful sandwiches, you’ll also find juices with vairouscombinations of ingredients. Don’t hesitate to try them!



Located at Sumatrastraat, in the middle of a beautiful and quiet neighborhood of Amsterdam. It’s the ideal place for you to enjoy your brunch, even if you are on your own. The menu is international, since you can find dishes from all over the world. If you do not want to compromise with less, then definitely try the American!


When you find yourself in Amsterdam, don’t forget to visit at least one of them. Cant wait for your feedback!

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