by Eliza


Who doesn’t like Christmas? My favorite time of the year, the time of love, family and warmth. Sparkly lights on the streets, coffee shops and bistros full of happy people, last minute shopping and snowball fighting. But what’s more Christmassy than your own cozy home? You don’t need much to achieve this; just your loved ones, a fire place and a warm drink is all it takes to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

That’s why we prepared and tried a few of the most known Christmassy drinks from all over the world! (Our personal favorites as well).  Each one of them reflects the culture and tradition of the country of origin. My advice for this Christmas is.. to try them all!

  • Salepi

Of course Greece’s traditional drink is on top of our list. If you ever visit our country during winter, and especially                     our hometown Thessaloniki, you can’t miss the street vendors selling warm salepi. Also known as the perfect                          winter tonic, not only because it’s tasteful, but also because it’s very healthy. The best part is that it doesn’t take                      long to prepare. Heat a bit of milk in a pot and add some clove, a couple of cinnamon sticks, ginger and sugar. Let it               boil and add the powdered salepi (you can find it even in the super market). And …Ready!

  • EggnogThe famous Christmas drink from the States couldn’t be missing from our list. I visited US a couple of times, and I saw it in shops throughout the whole year. However, I have never had the chance to try it. This time, not only I drank it, but I made it myself. Heat some milk, heavy cream, vanilla and cinnamon sticks, nutmeg. Then put them in a bowl with eggyolks, sugar and some of your favorite alcohol. Ours was rum. Let it cool down and add the white of the eggs in meringue.

  • Apple- Cinnamon RumA traditional drink from Great Britain that u can drink either warm or cold. It’s the least time consuming and if you like alcohol you will love it! Add some rum, apple juice and apple cider in a glass and if you want some extra spice, throw a couple of cinnamon sticks in there! That was it!

  • Gluhwein the famous German warm wine. You’ll find it in all Christmas markets in Germany (even in Austria and the Netherlands) and trust me, you’ll need it. It’s the perfect way to warm you up in these cold days. Add in a pot some wine, cinnamon, aniseed and ginger. Wait till it’s warm and add some honey, orange and cognac. Drink it when it’s still warm!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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