Copenhagen-Scandic,colourful and elegant

by Eliza


I would never miss a chance to visit a friend who moved to another country and this how the trip to Denmark came up. Plus, I had never been to Copenhagen before so did i need more reasons?

The road-trip from Amsterdam to CPH was agreed and decided on the spot with a big group of people. It was a 9 hour drive with an overnight stay in Flensburg, a lovely town in the north of Germany that if you ever get a change, try to spend some time. And in any case there is no better place to enjoy warm wine rather than in a Christmas market in Germany.

Coziness (despite the cold) and great vibes are the first feelings I got from Copenhagen once we arrived. After i walked around a bit I got amazed by the city’s stunning architectural beauty, the elegance in the buildings, in the interior design and in fashion.

The most representative neighborhood and the landmark of the city is the well known Nyhavn. Nyhavn dates back to the 17th century and it was originally a commercial port. It is also where Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish fairytale writer used to live! Today is maybe the most photogenic part of the city, filled with classy restaurants and bars.

Do you know what else is Danish? the famous LEGO, the most beloved block shaped toys which have been around for almost hundred years. As a kid I was a big fan of LEGO so of course i couldn’t resist visiting the big LEGO store in the center. And obviously, bought my souvenir.

Central CPH has many charms, one of them being the Magstraede, the oldest and certainly one of the prettiest streets in the city.  The colored houses and its cobblestone path creates the perfect medieval ambiance.

The Round Tower is another worth visiting point if you want to enjoy stunning views of the city from above. Apart from that, the observatory is a historical monument built in the 17th century but  its minimal architecture is still impressive.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten Denmark’s most famous sight, the Little Mermaid. More than 100 years old, it attracts millions of tourists annually because it has become one of the most iconic status that sympolizes cities.  To be honest, it was much smaller than I expected it and not that imposive. What truly carried me away was the castle just few minutes away from the Little Mermaid.  The star shaped fortress of Kastellet is one of the best preserved fortress in Northern Europe and perhaps most evocative site of CPH.

Where to eat:

Copenhagen has an innovative restaurant scene catering to satisfy all tastes and budgets. It is however, an expensive country  so if you want to enjoy the Nordic cuisine it might  cost you a bit more. If you are ever there don’t miss the chance to visit below places offering numerous and delicious choices for breakfast, brunch or a cup of warm coffee.

  • Mad & Kaffe. Bit outside of the city center but it is totally worth a visit. Especially if you want to enjoy your latte with a pig drawing.
  • Coffee Collective, this is quite self exlpanatory.
  • Atelier September if you are fan of avocado.
  • Lagkagehuset is a lovely bakery to try all the finger licking Danish pastries. They do have a wide variety of them. My personal favorite is the Cinammon bun!

What you definitely shouldn’t miss once in CPH is the Tivoli gardens. A huge amusement park in the middle of the city, a must for all visitors the young and the old. It is  the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world  offering magical rides which are designed to match Tivoli’s architecture and design. And if you think you are not into rollercoaster rides this is not a reason not to go to Tivoli.

You can choose among Tivoli’s broad selection of restaurants or music scenes. There is live music and events every day. I had the opportunity to visit the park during the Christmas period and the sceneries were simply magical. It felt like walking into a Christmas Universe full of Christmas markets, sparkly lights and irresistible aroma and despite the cold I couldn’t get enough of it.

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