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by Eliza

Crete is one most popular destination in Greece. An island that literally everybody loves and has so many things to offer to its visitors.

Spinaloga is the last leper colony of Europe, active until 1957. The history and the culture of the island of Spinaloga became one with human tragedy in the course of time. It carries the history of Ancient Greece as it served as a natural guard for the ancient city of Olou, the history of the Saracens pirates, the history of the Venetians as their fortress, the history of the Turks as their settlement and the history of the Greeks as the place where their leper would be sent into exile until recent times. The island is a beautiful walk full of interesting spots and the sea that surrounds it makes it an amazing place for a day trip.

The island of Spinalonga looked fantastic in the distance. We got to stay directly across the water from the island and walked into Plaka to take a boat across. It was a short 10-minute boat ride. The entry to the island itself is $2 each. There were a lot of people with us but we didn’t mind! The island was quite large with a lot to see, it generally was a very eerie and strange place and although it is mapped out well, one wouldn’t be able to get around and understand what they’re seeing without a good book about Spinalonga (such a book could be found in little tourist shops). We walked around for 1 hour on the island which was probably a little two short though 2 hours would be too much due to the heat. It was a nice day trip overall, but don’t forget to bring water and comfortable shoes!

Next we visited the island of Chrissi. Words are poor to express the feeling of beauty that dwelled on these beaches. The water and the sand were surreal, the colors were mesmerizing and we felt like we were walking in a dream with our eyes wide open. Also, if you ever visit it, bring water shoes and definitely go snorkeling as the water is almost still at the rims of the beach. We soaked in the warmth of the sun, gazed upon the distant hills in the misty air above the sea, and let our worries disappear under the island’s old trees.. It was a very remote little island and we loved it for it!

Lastly before we left Crete, we visited Gramvousa, the place itself was very beautiful, crystal clear waters and stunning scenery, but the walk into the sea over the rocks was treacherous and beach shoes are needed. The journey off the boat to the beach is also hazardous and would be difficult for someone with limited mobility. Overall, there were so many beautiful locations but with hardly any time to explore properly, despite getting up at the crack of dawn and too many peopleallowed on the boat, so not everyone could sit down. I honestly can’t wait until my husband and I can revisit Crete and its natural wonders…

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