Diaporos, the hidden gem of Halkidiki

by Eliza


For sure you have heard the people from Thessaloniki and North Greece bragging about Halkidiki, claiming that there is no place like it. Well, Diaporos, this ”hidden gem” of Halkidiki, is definitely adding a point to their argument. Hidden, because not many people know that there are few small islands right across the second Peninsula of Halkidiki. Gem, because the emerald crystal clear waters and jaw dropping beaches will blow your mind!

This little paradise of blue and green waters is ideal for endless swimming , diving and gazing the exotic natural scenery for hours. Diaporos is surrounded by reefs you can even explore by snorkelling. Warm water and no winds are also a guarantee almost all year round.

Blue Lagoon from above
Blue lagoon in Diaporos

What makes Diaporos extra special

What makes Diaporos extraordinary and one of its kind is the pine trees covering the whole island. When you approach the island from far away, it looks like the trees are emerging through the sand and almost touching the water. A scenery you can only witness in very few places in the world. Also perfect because it creates natural shade if you decide to spend the day on one of its virgin beaches.

Koumaroudes beach in Diaporos

Growing up in Thessaloniki, I spent most of my teenage- and early 20s-summers in Halkidiki. Took my first boat ride to Diaporos when I became 18 and since then, I literally fell in love with this little heaven on earth. A place where time stops and want to stay there for ever. I feel so lucky I managed to go back this summer, it was definitely one of the highlights of my 2-week trip to Greece. A must place to visit if you are in Halkidiki during summer time.

How to get to Diaporos

Diaporos is a small uninhabited island with only few private villas, some of which you can rent. It is located right across Vourvourou, a village on the second peninsula of Halkidiki in North Greece. There is no access by car !( maybe also the reason why it is among the last unexploited areas in Halkidiki).

The only way to access it is by ferry, water taxi or boat. There are numerous daily excursions departing from Vourvourou but if you want a more unique experience with no crowds and time limitations, my recommendation is to rent your own boat. Boat driving license is not required and the people from the rental company will provide you with all the necessary guidelines.

Also, if you are sharing the boat with other 4,5 friends prices are affordable. Plus, there are usually portable coolers on the boat so you can bring along water and refreshments for the whole day.

Extra tip for Halkidiki

If you want to make your stay in Halkidiki unforgettable then don’t miss out a stop at Villa Stasa. One of the most picturesque café bars in Halkidiki, ideal for evening cocktails and aperitifs offering great sunset views.

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