by Eliza


For many people, Christmas is their favorite time of the year. The holiday of family, warmth, love and home! That’s why we couldn’t be away from our own home, Thessaloniki.

This time of the year, Thessaloniki becomes festive. From coffee spots and restaurants, to streets and boulevards, everything is decorated in its own, unique way. Despite the freezing cold weather, this magical ambiance makes you want to put on your warmest sweater, take your family, friends or partner and stroll around the luminous city.

So we went out as well, and spotted the most impressive decorations of festive Thessaloniki that you definitely need to visit;

  • Aristotelous square

The most central spot of the city couldn’t be less astonishing. The carousel located in the middle of the square, looks like it came out of a fairytale, while next to it an imposing Christmas tree stands tall.

  • Agia Sophia’s pedestrian area

The last couple of years, the famous walkway is flooded with blue lights and the result is truly mesmerizing. You can go shopping, enjoy a hot beverage or simply take plenty of pictures, in one of the most enchanting spots of Thessaloniki.

  • City hall

Thessaloniki’s town hall is famous for its modern and minimalistic decorations. Now, it is embellished with a traditional, yet stately ship, surrounded by bright lights.


  • Mediterranean Cosmos

It may not be located In the city center, however it’s Thessaloniki’s biggest mall and thus it’s a Christmas destination for many. It combines shops, restaurants and coffee spots, without the unbearable winter weather. So every Christmas time, the ceiling’s beautiful illuminations create a magical Christmas sky.

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