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There are not many times when you get to see tradition meeting high quality. But if you’re looking for a restaurant fulfilling this condition, we got you the one. Glykanisos.

If you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki, make sure to pay a visit. Being open for a few years now, it has managed to become a must go destination for everyone who wishes to enjoy a classic yet compelling meal at an intimate and contemporary place.

As you enter the place you are welcomed by a magnificent setting.  The soft colors and the heap of sunshine getting through the window walls, confutes every need for decorative innovations. At least for us, from the moment we walked in, the minimal lines and the warmth of the place stole our heart. What comes next ? The hospitality and the happy faces of the staff. It just makes everything even more pleasant.

Now let’s talk about food. Glykanisos is a seafood restaurant. However,  it caters for all tastes. It has every single thing that you expect from a classic Greek taverna and simultaneously, from a gourmet restaurant. Anything that you’ll get from the menu consists of traditional tastes cooked, combined and served in a totally unique way.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth watering starters. We tried the kritamo (also known as rock fennel or samphire) salad and the colorful and super tasty Cretan salad.  We also could not say no to the fried tuna dish.

  The grilled shrimps are exquisite, and their presentation as well . However, you’ll be amazed by the chef’s creativity at the dish of carpaccio and tartare, a course that consists of tuna, octopus, pike and dentex.

If, on the other hand, you like pasta, risotto or orzo like we do, then you’ re in the right place. We tried out the classic ones:  the mussel risotto, shrimps risotto and the crawfish orzo (rice shaped pasta) which really thrilled us.

The menu doesn’t stop here. There is also a Fish of the Day carte with 100% fresh fishes from the Aegean sea which meet the needs of every occasion. In addition to the variety of food, there is also a large selection of the best wines from Greece and worldwide. The staff knows the the menu very well and they can offer you wine matching suggestions.

For all the reasons above, Glykanisos is highly recommended by The El Stories !




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