by Eliza


MAREA SEA SPIRIT is a relatively new restaurant in the city center of Thessaloniki that certainly drew our attention.  At the corner of Margariti Lori & Kaliari street, there is MAREA SEA SPIRIT, that despite the few years of operation, it has made its presence pronounced and distinct!

It is a top choice for a family night out, a dinner with friends and business meetings, due to its ideal location, just around the corner of Thessaloniki’s coast.

We distinguished MAREA easily, because of its aesthetics. There is both an indoor and an outdoor area and you’ll notice everywhere the light colors and minimal decoration. The owners know that atmosphere makes a restaurant and they are masters and creating it. We loved the kind of slick service, that’s there when you need it, invisible when you don’t.

However, what makes MAREA unique, is its cuisine. A seafood cuisine that’s being lead by the chef Panagiotis Delithanasis.  The dishes are exceptional and well presented.  All the seafood and the fishes are incredibly fresh and wild, direct from the Aegean sea.

Each dish is unique and offers you an unforgettable gastronomic experience. That’s why it was hard for us to pick our favorite ones.  With the chef’s help, we were able to choose some, that you have to try no matter what!

We started off with northern pike carpaccio along with black truffle, and crawfish tartar. Two impressive dishes that could easily described as pieces of art, fulfilling all expectations for appetisers.

If you have a hard time choosing the next ones, I suggest my personal favorite, smoked eel with wasabi roe, scallops with mashed celery and apple slices or risotto with gilt-head bream carpaccio, asparagus and lemon. Dishes that will give you a flavor blast from the very first bite!

Now let’s talk about dessert… Even if you don’t have enough of a sweet tooth, remember our advice and try the chocolate soufflé with ice cream that is served in a very impressive way. We could not say no to the mouth watering lemon tart served with a strawberry sauce…

Finally, MAREA has a bar with drinks for every occasion and it is also famous for its huge variety of wines. We had a hard time picking out one, since we are not wine experts, but worry not! The staff is well educated and always available to help you choose the right one to pair your food!

One of Thessaloniki’s finest seafood restaurants  and if you haven’t been yet, you should!!!

        Bon Appétit..

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