Meteora- 5 reasons you must visit

by Eliza


Meteora is definitely one of the top travel destinations in Greece. Thousands of people from all over the world visit it every year (sometimes even millions). It is categorised as the second most visited place in the mainland of Greece, apart from Acropolis. A destination we always wanted to visit and we finally managed to do couple of months ago.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am pretty sure that only looking at photos of the area will convince you to visit it. However, there are also 5 reasons why you must visit Meteora as soon as possible.

1. Unesco heritage

The views you get from sunset rock at Meteora

It has been listed by Unesco in the World Heritage list since 1988. And this says a lot for the importance of the place. The imposing rock formations peeking through the mist, surrounding the city of Kalambaka, create a unique landscape you can hardly find anywhere else. And that’s not only it. The Byzantine monasteries glued somehow on top of these extraordinary formations are completing the jaw dropping scenery.

2. Epic Sunset

With such a landscape one thing is for sure when you visit Meteora. The sunset you will witness there (if weather allows it of course) is going to be one of the most epic sunsets ever. As long as you find yourself in the right place at the right moment-either on foot or by car- I can guarantee you the views will leave you speechless. We were lucky enough to enjoy the organised Sunset tour by Meteora Travel who knew the best spots and we because of them we discovered all the hidden gems of the area.

3. History

Besides nature revealing its wonder, Meteora is a place of great historical and cultural importance. The first monks arrived back in the 14th century establishing the byzantine monasteries on top of these giant cliffs. And this is where the name ”Meteora” comes from which in Greek means ”suspended in the air”, describing exactly the way the monasteries are built. Nowadays, out of the 24 monasteries only 6 are active and open to public. There are of course fixed visiting hours and visitor should be properly dressed but it is definitely worth it. Few of the monasteries house small museums where you can actually see some of the priceless artefacts and wall paintings

4. Food

In order to make the most out of your trip to Meteora, the gastronomic experience should not be skipped. Although our time there was limited we had the chance to enjoy some of the local delicacies and discover few nice restaurants in the area to do so. Most of the options are nearby and only few minutes away by car. Our personal favorites:

  • Valia Calda in Kalambaka city, modern attempt to present local cuisine tastes
  • Ilias Garden bit outside of Kalambaka, perfect for a more traditional experience
5. Kastraki village

The village of Kastraki is one of the most picturesque villages in the area, nesting at the bottom of the huge cliffs of Meteora. A must see when you are at the area, it’s perfect for strolls and taking pictures, of course. Plus, there is a big variety of restaurants and accommodation options if you wish to spend the night.

If you want to know more about tours and activities available in the area, our suggestion is to visit Meteora Travel. You will for sure find what you are looking for. Visit Meteora is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources and travel passion to become the pioneers of Destination Management Company in Meteora Greece.


You can read about our experience here.

For Top 5 viewpoints in Meteora check our video:

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