by Eliza


I’m pretty sure that the idea of going to Athens has enticed you too. At least for me, Athens never fails to charm me, despite the fact that for us Greeks, it’s such a mainstream destination. I occasionally find several different reasons to visit Athens. Most of the times, the reasons will be my friends from Thessaloniki who want to escape their daily routines and have a quick and cheap vacation, or my friends from Athens who are so passionate for their city and always show me the most impressive places there.

I can’t deny that from the moment I was born, I fell in love with Thessaloniki and I’m still proud of it. But I have to admit that Athens is also lovable and equally beautiful. After all, there it lies one of the most impressive and mesmerizing structures and, if I can say, achievements of the ancient world; the Acropolis. With this on the top, Athens is filled with ancient cities, temples and monuments that despite the several thousands of years that separate them from the time they were built, they are nowadays more alive than ever.

This time, I went to Athens for 5 days with my girlfriends. As you understand, we managed to fit everything (brunch, lunch, coffees, clubs, shopping..) in this confined time, despite sleep. So if you ever find yourself in Athens for a few days and want to visit the best places there, here’s what I suggest;



AMOROSO: A small, beautiful and picturesque coffee place downtown Athens. You’ll find it in an alley near Ermou and you’ll distinguish it from its romantic decorations and colors. There you can eat your brunch and take a lot of pictures!

MAMA ROUX: Also downtown Athens, more specifically in Monastiraki, mama roux gives you the chance to eat your brunch and boost your mood! The bright colors all over the ceilings, the walls and the tables are perfect for the beginning of you day!



RUMORS: Placed by the Vouliagmeni beach, it belongs to one of the most upmarket regions of Athens. That’s why if you choose to go there for your coffee, you’ll definitely have to wait on the stand-by list for a while. But once you get in there, you’ll be able to enjoy your beverage, while catching sight of expensive cars and well-dressed people.

ARK: Speaking of expensive cars and well-dressed people, there you’ll find the elite of Athens. Its unique location by the sea in Glyfada, its polite and quick service and its decoration will create for you an unforgettable coffee experience!



PIU VERDE: At Alsos Papagou, I can definitely call it a small paradise on earth. There, you can eat snacks or a proper lunch, you can drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and afterwards you can take a walk around at the lake and the forest surrounding Piu Verde

MPAR MPEE KIOY: It is famously known for the best burgers in Greece. You can taste amazing versions of the classic burger but you can challenge yourself by ordering a burger with two, four or eight patties! If you decide to go there, please make sure you haven’t eaten for a day.



OPUS Inner Pleasure: If you have at least one friend from Athens, you’ve definitely seen this place on Instagram. Located in Glyfada, it offers you a clubbing experience of high quality. The music choices vary a lot in order to please every taste!

BOX Athens: If you like listening to greek pop artists singing live, then this is the place for you! When I went there, the band that was performing was Melisses, which managed to skyrocket the music program!

Jazz in Jazz: Maybe my favorite spot in Athens. Located in Kolonaki, I give you my word that you’ll love it. Once you open the door, the jazz music, the drinks, the decorations and the people make you think you just entered another era!


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Athina June 9, 2017 - 2:34 pm

Elle try la couleur locale next Time you are in Athens I am sure you will love it 😉 can’t wait to read your story about this ´hidden’ place

Elli June 11, 2017 - 2:35 pm

It was on my recommended list for Athens, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time ! Next time I’ll make sure to go visit, thank you for your advice 🙂


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