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I’m sure all of you have already replenished your summer wardrobe with stripes, florals and nautical details. But it is time to think about updating your manicure, too. Every year the nails on the runaways amaze us and the spring- summer 2017 nails are no different. To make sure you stay at the forefront of the newest trends, we’ ve rounded up our favorite looks that we loved and we already tried.


Painting all your nails in one color or motif is kinda of last year. In 2017, every nail has its own identity whether one color or a hint of rainbow or mermaid powder.


A lot of designers opted for mirror also known as chrome nails. The million dollar look can be achieved by using chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or pigmented powder.

The ombre nail looks tough to achieve, but it is actually anything but boring! Here we tried a softer ombre of nude transitioning into pink at the tips,  like an ombre French manicure. The results are surprisingly cool.



White marbled nails are one of the latest manicure trends appearing on girls around the world. Inspired by the sophisticated look of white marble, this manicure took over the runways. With more than 155.000 posts on Instagram tagged #marblenails it’s creating quite the buzz in the digital space


A big trend this season was all about making a splash! At a lot of different runaways, manicurists created low effort yet high impact spring/ summer 2017 nail trends, by decorating the nails with just a splash of polish.


And if the newest trends are not your thing, you can easily try using, neutral, dark or bright polishes of your choice to give your nails a classic, chic effect. If you are a nude colors person, why not play around with nail shape? Instead of the classic oval or square, try coffin or ballerina nails. Less fragile than stiletto but still a bit edgy without being pointy.


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