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I’m pretty sure that if you know anything about Greece is Thessaloniki! Well, to be honest, first would be the famously known greek islands, then Thessaloniki. Well, ok, first islands, then Athens, then Thessaloniki. Anyway, Thessaloniki is Greece’s second biggest town but for sure the most beautiful one! Everything about Thessaloniki is unique and that’s why I can guarantee that once you visit it, you’ll fall in love with it. Maybe it’s because of its people, known as open-hearted and constantly cheerful, maybe of its history, or maybe for its extraordinary location, placed by a part of the Aegean sea, called Thermaikos. In any case, Thessaloniki is beautiful and the only proof you need is Nea Paralia!
Placed downtown, Nea Paralia knows how to create a magical experience for you with the simplest materials; a sun, a sea, an ice-cream and a smile!

The first thing you’ll notice at the beginning of your walk is the White Tower. For sure the hallmark of the city, a tower with a great history and a beautiful view on top which is accessible for everyone!

There are numerous things that you can choose to do while you’re at Nea Paralia. Number one in preferences is also the simplest one. A walk with your friends, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your family or even by yourself is the perfect solution! You can find the ideal place for you to sit down and enjoy the view of Thessaloniki’s eternal blue, read a book, drink a coffee, take pictures and, of course, listen to music since there are everywhere along the way “street musicians” ready to cheer you up!

If you start feeling hungry, there you have the chance to eat one of the most traditional snacks, koulouri Thessalonikis (Thessaloniki’s traditional round sesame bread). No better chance to feel more local than ever!

If you like adventure, we have taken care of that too! You’ll definitely notice 2 big wooden ships, which are ready to give you a panoramic city tour per half an hour. And if you’re not this kind of person, there is always the possibility to just sit and.. stare at them!

Continuing your walk, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the sight of Alexander the Great statue. But I cannot lie to you’ this won’t be your favorite part. Only a few meters after that, you’ll see the Umbrellas! Maybe one of the most known parts of Thessaloniki. A modern piece of art which harmonizes perfectly with the scenery there and gives you the chance to take amazing pictures!

Once you do all these, you’ll definitely feel the heat. The only solution for this is a bottle of cold water and of course, an ice-cream! Trust me on this and follow this tip! You won’t regret.

I forgot to mention that  during your walk, while you’re relaxed you have to be a bt careful as well. There are many people that choose Nea Paralia to jog, run, or ride their bikes. You’ll see that there will be plenty of times when you’ll hear the bikes’ bells and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the cycle lane!

I hope I’ve convinced you! Visit Nea Paralia and you won’t regret!

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