Polyaigos, the uninhabited gem of Cyclades

by Eliza


Not so popular to many but lately it starts getting the attention it deserves. Polyaigos is the biggest uninhabited island of Aegean, part of the Cyclades group. A hidden gem with amazing beaches, exotic crystal clear waters and unique natural sceneries. Some of its most popular beaches are in southeast part: Mersini, Kato Mersini, Galazia Nera and Fykiada .

Fun fact: Polyaigos in Greek means ”many goats” due to the fact that it was only inhabited by goats.

How to get to there

Polyaigos is only accessible by boat. You can get there from the neighbouring islands Kimolos, Milos even Sifnos. There are  organised full day group excursions, otherwise if you prefer to enjoy the privacy and serenity of the island you can rent a private boat or water taxi. It takes 10 to 2O minutes to get there from Kimolos or Milos. Prices vary depending on how you choose to get there and the time you will spend. We were so eager to visit the place and since we were in the neighbourhood of Cyclades, visiting Sifnos, we decided to sail from Sifnos to Polyaigos.  It is 15 klm southwest from Sifnos. Because of that and the fact it was pretty windy on that day, it took us bit longer to get there. 35 minutes but it was totally worth it. We spent the whole day sailing around, exploring its beaches and swimming in the emerald waters.

What makes Polyaigos island special

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this place. The combination of beautiful beaches, impressive caves and turquoise waters guarantees an unforgettable experience . 

Because of its significant ecological value it became part of the Natura 2000 programme of the European Union. It is an important habitat undisturbed by man. It is also where the Monachus-Monachus Mediterranean seals come to lay their little ones.

On top of that, it has also great historical importance. There are indications that the island was inhabited during either Mesolithic or Neolithic ages. 

If you are still looking for more reasons to visit the island check our video.

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