The caribbean side of Mexico only few know

by Eliza


Do you want to combine relaxing holidays on exotic beaches with cultural touring and history? Then in Mexico you are at the right country.

Are you looking for untouched by overwhelming development destinations and you want to avoid crowded coasts? Because we were, that’s why we chose to visit Tulum and Holbox, located in the east side of Mexico where the Mexican Gulf and Caribbean Sea meet. Of course, we were also lucky to get  the insights and the best advice from a local, our good Mexican friend.  His message was clear, Mexico is much more than Cancun , concrete resorts and packed tourists.

And I came to agree with him once I arrived at the first destination. Tulum over-promises and does not fail in delivering! It’s dreamy coasts with sugar sands and swaying palm trees carried me away. Its photogenic beaches, stretching uninterrupted for miles, the chilled beach restaurants and the relaxed atmosphere fascinated me. Ideal for couples and families , it offers serenity and relaxation, privacy and enough space so that you don’t have to squeeze your sunbed among the crowds.

Swimming and snorkeling are the best activities as long as the water is calm because sometimes the currents can be strong. Staying near the shore is always the safest option no matter the weather.

The unique thing about Tulum is that unlike any other beach in Mexico or even in the whole Caribbean, it boasts a rich historical past. And that’s natural since it was the only city built on the coast by the Maya, one of the greatest and oldest civilizations in Mesoamerica.

The Mayan ruins, some of them dated back to 564 A.D,. are located on top of tall cliffs. The walls which used to surround the city and the main pyramid remain well preserved. Together with the rest of the ruins can spark any visitor’s imagination.What I loved about this place is the great views of Caribbean being included in the archaeological site ,carrying so much history.

If you find yourself loving the Mayan history (as I did) and you are intrigued to see more then don’t miss the chance to visit Coba. Only 30 minutes north-west of Tulum , Coba’s archaeological is nested in the middle of the jungle, filled with stone made structures where Maya were holding their rituals. Either by bike or on foot you have to walk through the paths to discover the ruins of what used to be the capital of a thriving civilization around 1,500 years ago.After walking in the jungle for about 40mins we came across with Nohoch Mul, also known as the Great Pyramid. A 42 meters tall pyramid with steps that are uneven and steep. Challenging to climb?It was! Nevertheless, once we got at the top we were rewarded with a stunning view of the jungle and the two lagoons. Inspiring and unique!

The second part of our trip included Isla Holbox (the island of Holbox). An exotic small stretch of land where time has stopped.Or at least it moves slowly! It is the epitome of relaxation. Is is only a short boat ride from the mainland, slightly turned to the Gulf of Mexico. This is why you don’t get turquoise water here, but still very clean and warm.

The absence of cars all over the island (you get around with small golf-cars), the dirt roads, the quite villages and the sandy beaches will help you disconnect from everything that drains your energy back in the mainland and your everyday life. It’s the ideal place to recharge.

My favorite part was walking on the streets of the main village with the colorful graffiti painted walls! This was a wonderful artistic touch – and of course a perfect opportunity for pictures! On top pf all these we had another great surprise: the local cuisine! Lobster is the king here. Not only lobster dished were delicious, but also very cheap.

My trip in this part of Mexico was like travelling back in time. It is hard to believe we combined so many different experiences just by visiting one location. A place satisfying all my senses, offering something out of the ordinary and making want to get back again soon.

But what is better than traveling to Mexico?Travelling in Mexico with a local! We were lucky to have a good Mexican friend with us all along the journey, giving us all the right tips, helping us take the right turns and of course ordering the right food! He had told us so much about this place and it was all true.

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