The El-stories’ top 5 beaches in Greece

by Eliza


July is the heart of summer , when everybody is dreaming of emerald beaches and wants to hear the sound of waves at the beach. Spending time at the beach is what we long for the whole winter.

Since we also love traveling and discovering beauty in every corner of this planet , we wanted to share with you our list with the top 5 beaches in Greece which we have visited recently. We are fully aware that we are taking a risk here because the choices are endless but these are our personal picks, our small paradises on earth and they might become yours as well once you visit them.

1.Tsigrado in Milos island.

They say ”Good things come to those who wait” but the best come to those who dare. This is absolutely the case in Tsigrado where you can only access this stunning beach by climbing down the rocks with a rope and a ladder. Ok, don’t be terrified! It is less difficult than it sounds, we managed it so can you. The jaw-dropping view and the emerald waters will reward you for the effort. Just don’t forget to take water with you as climbing up and down the rocks  might make you sweat bit more.


2. Kavourotripes , Chalkidiki

Indeed Chalkidiki is not an island, however the beauty of its beaches is equally competent.  Especially in Kavourotripes where the water is crystal clear and  pines and other trees grow almost next to the water creating natural shadow (yes you don’t have to bring an umbrella)!


3. Agiofili in Lefkada island

Unless you approach it by boat, a stone path will lead you to this small paradise. The white pebbles make the scenery enchanting and the turquoise colour of the water really stands out.


4.  Vroulidia in Sifnos island

Another beach with no easy access but at the end isn’t it part of the beauty? Your car might suffer a bit until your arrive, unless you choose to walk downhill ( meaning that you will also have to walk up on your return!) . For that reason this place is quite, peaceful and unique. The beach consists of sand , pebbles and crystalline waters. There is a deck to get you straight into the blue.


5. Kaladi in Kithira island

This island is a dream destination but this beach specifically is pure marvel. The rocky landscape in combination with the turquoise waters makes it attractive if you want to swim for hours or even dive in the naturally shaped caves.

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Karo September 20, 2017 - 1:51 pm

Hi Eliza,
thanks a lot for your beautiful article! I can’t wait to go to Greece and your pictures are breathtaking.
I’ll definitely remember your tipps when going there.


Eliza September 28, 2017 - 8:29 pm

Hi Karo, I am so thrilled that you liked the article and my pics. Greece is definitely a dreamy destination. I hope you visit it soon and you enjoy it as much as I did.


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