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The holidays are an awesome time to wear your makeup, since you have multiple occasions to experiment your new style on friends and family before you unleash it onto the world. It’s also a great opportunity to show your colleagues or your crush a different side to your personality at the office party, because nobody’s one dimensional.

Why focus on lipstick? Because it is definitely the best way to really show off your look, with minimal effort.

You could spend hours trying to perfect your eyeliner, play around with eye shadow palettes, or try the newest type of eyebrow trends. But, with lipstick, all you need do is slick it onto your pout and you’re ready to go. It’s by far the simplest to use transformational tool in your makeup bag.

To help make it easier on you, we’ve tested the season’s hottest lipstick colors focusing on being classy with minimal effort.

#1 Holiday Glam

There’s a whole spectrum of reds to play with this holiday season from cherry red lips to bright red lips.  Try a bit of gloss on top of the lipstick to give a gentle glow.

#2 Berry Lips

Try a deep berry shade for a twist on a classic red lip. Shades of berry continue to define winter beauty with their versatility as a lipstick or gloss. Berry lips can transition a look from day to night. Glossy cranberry, violet or pink berry lipstick will make you feel festive even when you’re not dressed up.

#3 Vamp it up

Vampy lips can transition a look from day to night. Slick on a dark lip color and keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Done and done.

#4 Nude chic

 Matte, nude lips are as elegant as it is understated. The holiday version of no makeup-makeup: full brows, lashes, radiant skin and matte nude lips.

#5 Sweet caramel

Creamy caramel lips for a warmer alternative on a traditional nude. Try to balance them with intense eyes. We tried them with smudged eyes for a party look.




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