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Well fall is here and it is time to look at one (for now) of the top fall trends to get us excited about what we’ll be wearing this season, if nothing else. Among the most major trends as seen on NYFW were metallics, 70’s plaid, florals and fishnets. A few favourite colours also, including deep burgundy and all sorts of bold yellow and sunshine-y gold.

Our editor’s pick for now is Metallics.

Once considered a dangerous choice because of its association with iconic 80s style, a metallic finish has since become a relative staple of every fashion girl.  From gunmetal to silver, gold and shiny pastels, it’s the mix of unique shapes, fabrics and colourways that make it feel so contemporary. For all the fashionistas out there: it is time to switch up your all-black tailoring palette, and sub in metallics with your neutrals.

If you are a beginner in this trend then you should try on earrings, sexy shiny clutches or a metallic top.

Looking for a new pair of shoes this season? We say go for metallic! You can wear them any time and on any occasion. A shiny metallic pair will underline your individuality.

For the fashionistas you can go a step further and get a statement skirt, jacket or pants. Feeling confident enough? Then you should go wild and try on metallic dress, suit, or even coat. The result is going to be a very strong look that is both dramatic and voguish.

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