3+1 mountain villages to visit in Cyprus

by Eliza


Did you know that there are mountains in Cyprus with the most picturesque villages? Before moving to the island, I didn’t. And I can guarantee you I was not the only one. Like many other people out there, the first things that came to my mind when I was thinking about Cyprus were: eternal summer, emerald beaches and heat. No argue that these things exist, however Cyprus has a lot more to offer.  Even though it’s an island, it is absolutely worth visiting during winter time and explore the amazing mountain villages. We had the chance to explore many of them in the past months and wanted to share with you our top 4 favourites.


I visited Lefkara quite recently and I think I left my heart there. I loved the place from the first minutes I started wandering in its narrow cobblestone streets and discovering its colourful houses. The village is famous for its traditional stone architecture, the silver handicrafts and folk needlecraft art. To my surprise, I found out that Lefkara attracts tourists from all the over the world and not only the locals. Well, it makes sense since every corner is a photo opportunity!

Cafe Tasties in Lefkara

Do you wanna know what’s even more impressive? Lefkara village, split into 2 smaller parts (Upper and Lower Lefkara), exists even before the Byzantine times. There is written evidence of its existence going back to 1134! Due to its extraordinary character, the mountain village has been included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.   One more reason to visit Lefkara is to try out its beautiful cafes and taverns. There are excellent choices and also accommodation if you decide to spend the night.

The primary school of Lefkara village


Another hidden gem on the foothills of Troodos mountain in Limassol district. Vouni is extremely picturesque and also a famous Cypriot wine village covered in beautiful vineyards. It took me only few minutes walking in its cobble alleys to fall in love with the scenic beauty and the rich architectural heritage. Trying the delicious local food in one of its few but exceptional traditional taverns made my whole visit there unforgettable.  

The only cafe in Vouni village


The name might be bit odd; a compound of the words “Kako” and “Petra”, meaning bad stone. There are several explanations for the name of the village with the simplest one being that the area used to be rocky and hard to climb. Don’t be discouraged by the name though because I am pretty sure you will be thrilled by the scenery. Kakopetria is surrounded by wild vegetation located in between the banks of two rivers. Ideal place for nature lovers and hikes in its mapped trail paths. Even if you are less adventurous you can still give it a try and wander in the traditional narrow streets of the village and of course enjoy the Cypriot cuisine.


Troodos is more than one village. It is the largest mountain range in Cyprus nestling several small charming villages with the most beautiful sceneries. It is the perfect destination all year long. During summer is ideal for the ones who want to escape heat and during winter it transforms into a winter wonderland. YES! It does snow in Cyprus! We visited in January and the white landscapes were just magic.

Winter Wonderland in mount Troodos

Only few minutes away from its peak you will find paths leading to impressive waterfalls.

Millomeris Waterfall

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