by Elena


Holiday season is officially over but winter is still here.  Casual and streetstyle looks are back on.  If you are looking into some inspiration for streetstyle outfit ideas, look no further. We chose our favorite winter items for the cold days and nights from ENDIO FASHION.  Keep cozy by combining cold weather staples like an oversized sweater, faux fur jacket and stylish wool coat. Here is how we are making being cold look good.


          Bundle up with an oversized turtleneck sweater. It is incredibly comfortable, stylish and can be paired with anything from super-skinny jeans to miniskirts and everything in between.


        This burgundy coat is a classic piece that gives off an elegant, classic, and feminine vibe in a subtle way. We layered a white turtleneck sweater underneath the coat for a timelessly look.

For a quick fix, simply go this stylish grey coat with a fur effect to top your any outfit. After all, every fashion girl knows that wool and fur (faux) are the preferred fabrics of classic and sophisticated fashion personalities.

No better way to end a cold day like this, than spending time with your friend in a warm coffee place, always in style though…


You can shop all the above outfits here:

ENDIO FASHION is a woman clothing company based in Greece. There you’ll find modern and feminine clothes designed for women of all ages and types.

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